The Author

Sheila Crompton was a primary school teacher in Manchester, England for 32 years. Her career in main-stream education began in 1965. 

During the infancy of her two children, she engaged in part-time remedial reading and home-tutoring and in 1981 she resumed a full-time career, teaching children with moderate learning difficulties. It was during this period, that the concept of "A-Minute-A-Day" was born. 

In 1997, she retired with her husband to farm in Scotland. 

Since 1999, the UK editions of both A-Minute-A-Day Maths and A-Minute-A-Day Phonics have enjoyed widespread success throughout the UK thereby prompting in 2018, the publication of A-MINUTE-A-DAY HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS, plus US versions of all three books.

During 2019, all six books were revised/updated.

      31 photocopiable           1 Minute Challenges to       Improve Phonic Skills .

      42 photocopiable              1 Minute Challenges                   to Improve                   Mental Maths skills

    40 Photocopiable          1 Minute Challenges to    Improve Reading skills 

    Free Sample Games

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