Coronavirus Update - March 2020

Due to the restrictions placed on us due to the coronavirus outbreak, for the foreseeable future all our book orders will only be available via the Amazon Print on Demand service.

A Minute A Day - Phonics

2019 UK Edition

31 Photocopiable One Minute Challenges to Improve Phonic Skills. 

A Minute A Day - Maths

2019 UK Edition

42 Photocopiable One Minute Challenges To Improve Mental Maths Skills

A Minute A Day                 - High Frequency Words

2019 UK Edition

40 Photocopiable One Minute Games to Improve Reading Skills

      31 photocopiable           1 Minute Challenges to       Improve Phonic Skills .

      42 photocopiable              1 Minute Challenges                   to Improve                   Mental Maths skills

    40 Photocopiable          1 Minute Challenges to    Improve Reading skills 

    Free Sample Games

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