What is 'A Minute A Day'?

A-MINUTE-A-DAY is a series of two A4 format, photocopiable books suitable for both parents and teachers. They offer intensive, focussed practice of key skills - which are the building blocks of phonics and maths, using precision-teaching based games. 


Each game requires the child to give 30 correct verbal responses within one minute. No writing skills are required. The games are widely used in both mainstream and special needs education, with 1000's of copies sold to schools, literacy centres, and parents, in the UK and abroad


'A-Minute-A-Day Phonics' contains 31 A4 photocopiable games, 28 of which focus upon a specific phonic skill. Also within the book are three content-free games, which may be used for additional phonics, or for sight vocabulary. 


'A-Minute-A-Day Maths' contains 42 photocopiable games, and covers a wide range of mental maths skills, including:- number recognition, number bonds up 20, four rules, money, time. There are three content-free games, which may be used for additional mental maths skills.


      31 photocopiable           1 Minute Challenges to       Improve Phonic Skills .

      42 photocopiable              1 Minute Challenges                   to Improve                   Mental Maths skills

    40 Photocopiable          1 Minute Challenges to    Improve Reading skills 

Free Sample Games

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