Building on the success of A-Minute-Day Phonics and Maths, our third book, High Frequency Words introduces the most commonly used 220 words, which make up nearly 70% of all words used in English language conversations 


A-Minute-A-Day is series of precision teaching based games for use by teachers and parents. They are designed to help achieve fluency in reading and mental maths in a fun and challenging way. Want to learn more? Click on ' What is A-Minute-A-Day'

A Teacher Timesaver

All that's required is a short daily practice with an adult, followed by a teacher assessment                                  taking just 'A-Minute-A-Day' to monitor progress.  


Making Homework Fun!

Encourages parent involvement in a child's education in an easy-to-understand way.

                    Just a short daily practice session with no writing involved.

                                       Try a sample 'A-Minute-A-Day' game  here  

      31 photocopiable           1 Minute Challenges to       Improve Phonic Skills .

      42 photocopiable              1 Minute Challenges                   to Improve                   Mental Maths skills

    40 Photocopiable          1 Minute Challenges to    Improve Reading skills 

Free Sample Games

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